Practices on Ethics and Code of Conduct in Business
The Company hopes very much to receive cooperation from the directors, the management and all the employees to apply this code of conduct with determination and seriousness to develop and maintain it along with the Company indefinitely.
The Company hopes very much to receive cooperation from the directors, the management and all the employees to apply this code of conduct with determination and seriousness to develop and maintain it along with the Company indefinitely.
Principle on Business Ethics
JHL Metallurgical has operated its business to prosperity based on the ethics and virtue with responsibility for the stakeholders of all sides, by processing its policy on responsibility and treatment of its stakeholders, including the principle of doing business of the Company. So the operations of the Company can achieve the business target in tandem with the reflection of its value and organizational culture. It also aims for the management, employees, the business participants and all of the stakeholders to acknowledge and adhere to in the same principle. Therefore, the Company has designated the business operations with ethics as follows:
1. Respect and Compliance with the Relevant Laws, Rules and Regulations
The Company has given priority to respect and compliance with the law, relevant rules and regulations in everywhere it goes to do business. Therefore, its employees have to respect the laws, no violation and compliance with them strictly, including realizing and understanding the burden/duty, responsibility in compliance with the law, various guidelines, requirements and rules of the relevant units. There is a review of legal consistency and taking care of regular compliance, as well as giving due respect to the good traditions, custom and cultureof the community and locality.
2. Guidelines on Anti-Corruption
The Company encourages and supports its personnel at all levels to see the importance and have conscience on anti-corruption, including providing internal control to prevent from corruption, extortion and bribery of all forms.
3.Vested Interest and Conflict of Interest
The Company holds it as an important policy to do business considering its benefit and its stakeholders overall, so it has designated the good guidelines to show its intention to do business with transparency and accountability. It may be held as the duty of the directors, the management and personnel of all levels, including the relevant persons and the vested interests. They have to avoid participating or get involved with the operations in terms that may cause a conflict of interest or reduced efficiency. In the case that cannot avoid such the items, the responsible units may take care of such the items with transparency and clarity for the beneficial optimization.
4. Use of Inside Information and Confidentiality
It is considered as an essential policy in the operation for egalitarianism and fairness to all shareholders with equality on inside information, customers' information or essential data, information used in doing business by the Company, directors, the management and employees of all levels. So it has to keep the inside information with confidentiality and may not disclose the inside information to other people, or use it to seek a profit or benefit causing the Company to lose its benefit directly or indirectly.
5. Internal Control/Internal Audit/Management of Risk and Report on Accounting/Finance
The Company determines to build a value addition and security for the business with sustainability and in consistent with the principle on good governance to achieve such the success. It has assigned it as a policy for the internal control and audit to have efficiency and effectiveness in consistent with the international standards. In addition, the risk management can be at the suitable level to be able to manage the various important risks at the acceptable level without impacting the accomplishment of the Company's objective. Also it has the system of a follow-up and good evaluation with constant verification. Meanwhile, it has preparation of accounting and finance that is correct, complete, reliable and legal in essence to make the shareholders, investors, customers and stakeholders to have confidence in the Company.
6. Acceptance and Giving a Gift or Other Benefits
Acceptance and giving a gift, money or any other interests, including accepting entertainment to and from the relevant persons can be made within a reasonable range duringa festival or tradition. Also it may not create a demand or condition that exceeds the boundary of suitability. For instance, it is prohibited from receiving a gift or cash or the cash equivalent other than the probable remuneration from the Company that may affect the decision-making on impartiality.
7. Procurement and Treatment of Customers
Procurement is an important process to designate the expenditure, goods quality and service that the Company may be used in the business. So it is necessary to have a procedure on the operations for the maximum benefit with fairness, justification, transparency and accountability. Moreover, it also gives priority to the trade partners that promote mutual interest and creation of relationship in good working with trade partners on the basis of mutual respect and trust.
8. Intellectual Property, Use of Information Technology (IT) and Communication
Intellectual property, IT and Communications are important factors to help promotion of business operations to increase working efficiency. Therefore, it is the mutual responsibility of all the employees to respect the right of the owner of the intellectual property, and use the IT and communication under the prescription of the law, orders and standards set by the Company with prudence and circumspection.
9. Political Rights and Neutrality
The Company has a policy for management according to the law with integrity, non-politics and with political neutrality strictly. It includes having independence on making a decision and performance, adherence to the democracy and promotion of its employees to exercise the franchise according to the constitution.
10.Code of Conduct for the Employees
Code of Conduct for the employees as behavioral guidelines in parallel with the bylaws, working rules, regulations, requirements, orders and announcements of the Company by aiming for all of its employees to develop and promote teamwork culture. So it can create satisfaction for the stakeholders considering equality and honesty in doing the business.
11. Respect of the Human Rights
The Company promotes and respects the principle of human rights at the national and international levels, including taking diligence to monitor its relevant personnel not to get involved with the human rights violation. It accepts the principles that are beneficial to the world's society such as the human rights of the UN, the human rights according to the constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.
12. Receiving a Report on an Emergency/Complaint/Recommendation/Channels of Corruption and Protection of the Whistle Blower'sRight
The Company designates a unit to receive a report on an incident, complaint or recommendation from the stakeholders affected by its operation using the telephone, fax, letter and email. However, the Company shall explain the facts initially and the guidelines on management or operation on such the matter to the complainant or related persons as soon as possible. The shareholders and the stakeholders of all groups can report the leads in the case of there is a breach of the law or rules of the Company, person or incident that may cause damage to the Company, the chairman or board of directors according to the specified channels. The Company shall keep such thedata confidential, so the informant may not be suffered.

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Guidelines on Compliance with the Code of Conduct
In the case there is a problem or trouble in making the decision according to the unspecified code of conduct, please use the preliminary discretion by questioning on such the action to them before stopping the operation as follows:
1.If it is against the law or not.
2. If it is against the organizational policy or culture or not.
3. If it can be acceptable and can be revealed to the society or not.
4. If it causes disrepute and bad image to the Company group or not.
5.If it results in a severely bad effect to the stakeholders of Company group or not.
Or inquire from the hierarchical supervisor, who has a duty to give preliminary advice or inquire directly to the responsible unit on such the matter.
Acceptance of Complaints Related to the Code of Conduct
It is expected that all of the Company's employees together shall monitor the compliance with the principle on the good governance and business ethics by encouraging having an honest report on the practice that is against or suspected to be against the various principles to the hierarchical superiors. Meanwhile, the victim or the superior shall consider it as confidential information. While, all the complaints with clear evidence may be treated with equity, transparency and attention, including giving justice to all parties. They shall set the investigative schedule suitably, and the name of the complainant is kept confidential and given protection against harassment during and after the investigation.
Main Responsibility towards the Society in Seven Aspects
The Company deems it sees the priority in good management with efficiency by adhering to the good governance and responsible principle towards the society in 7 aspects consisted of,
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethical behavior
  • Respect for stakeholder interests
  • Respect for the rule of law
  • Respect for international norms of behavior
  • Respect for human rights
The Company is aware of the responsibility towards the society and the environment, so it is ready to be accountable and responsible for the inspection results arise from making the decision and the activity of the organization and shall find the suitable measures in solving a mistake and preventing from recurrence.
The Company adheres to business transparency in the disclosure of its policy and operation of the organizational activities that may have impact on the society and the environment, which the relevant persons can access such the information as appropriatewith the time as facts and clarity.
Ethical Behavior
The Company shall perform with ethics on the basis of integrity and fairness considering the people, animals and the environment aiming at the interest of the vested interests and shall develop the structure.
Good governance that helps to promote ethical performance with the mechanism in the supervision of the practice, report on the performance, prevention and revision on things that do not cause a conflict of interest on the organization that leading to unethical performance.
Respect for stakeholder interests
The Company has analyzed and identified the vested interests by respecting to the benefit and demand of the vested interests, considering the legal rights and benefits, the ability of the vested interests in the contract and participation with the organization. It considers the relations between the interests of the vested interests and the sustainable development, including the relations between the vested interests and the organization. Moreover, the Company shall consider the impact from making the decision or operations of the organization in terms of the vested interests.
Respect for the Rule of the Law
The Company shall comply with the legal justice by implementing to be consistent with the law and other requirements involved with the activities of the organization and the law. It includes consistency with the regulations issued by the power of the law, policy, regulation and the bylaws of the organization with suitability and equity by notifying the information according to the burden/duty according to the law and legal review periodically.
Respect for International Norms of Behavior
The Company respects and adheres to the international practice and shall not join other organizations in the operation that breaches the international practices. In the situation that is against the international guidelines the Company shall consider suitability with a review of the activity and relations under the scope of legal power.
Respect for Human Rights
The Company gives priority and respect to the human rights. If in the situation that is the human rights are not protected or in the situation that the law of the country does not protect the human rights suitably, the Company shall adhere to the principle of human rights at the international level. It can be applied at all situations, cultures and countries. Meanwhile, the Company shall avoid the situation that is derived of benefit.
Corporate Social Responsibility
So this code of conduct has clarity covering all the activities of the organization is suitable with the economic, social and environmental changes, with a constant change, so the organization has a development leading to sustainability on the basis of balanced and sustainable growth under the serious supervision of the management. In addition, the relevant persons of all sides have confidence in the business operations of the organization. Therefore, the Company has applied the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the seven main headings as guidelines for practice for the organization as follows:
1. Organizational Governance
The Company has determination to do business to success with integrity, honesty and transparency via the notice of the policy on social responsibility and announce to appoint the CSR working group to adhere to the principle of good governance, social ethics and sustainable growth of the Company.
1.1 It has determination on social responsibility by announcing the policy on social responsibility in writing.
1.2 It shall implement for the organizational management to become transparent and accountable.
1.3 It shall build and maintain of the organizational structure, work rules and regulations, organizational culture according to the suitable guidelines by applying the principle of social responsibility for practice.
1.4It shall arrange to have the system of creating an incentive for its employees to boost the morale and spirits of working and the operation on social responsibility with efficiency.
1.5 It has a display of the results on using the budget, raw materials, natural resources and human resources with efficiency.
1.6 It has promotion of female personnel and different ethnicities to hold the office within the organization fairly.
1.7 It shall consider the demand of the vested interests to create the balance on economics, society and the environment as follows:
•  Shareholders
It has encouragedthe shareholders to exercise their basic rights and determination to create maximum satisfaction to the shareholders considering sustainable growth and suitable compensation continuously, so the Company has laid out the guidelines on the treatment of the shareholders as follows:
- Respect the right of the shareholders with equity to give priority to the recommendations by the shareholders to be implemented for results. 
-  Manage with efficiency, loyalty, transparency by using knowledge, ability, capability and skills on management in full capacity for Company's growth and for suitable remuneration to the shareholders.
-  Reveal the data in the financial statement sufficiently and fully with the details on the operation and financial document to the shareholders correctly, transparently, clearly and fairly.
•  Employees
The employees are our valuable resources and have importance to the Company with contribution and impetus for the organization can achieve the target in doing business. Thus, the Company has a policy to take care of its employees to have good quality life with the employment condition that is fair, suitable fringe benefits and an opportunity to develop for advancement. It includes having the working condition that is safe and hygienic with the practical guidelines as follows:
-  Promote and develop the ability and capability of the employees continuously and regularly, so they can have job advancement and stability with equal job opportunity and without discrimination.
-  Give suitable compensation in commensurate with the knowledge, ability and responsibility and work product.
- Provide suitable and consistent welfare as prescribed by law.
-  Respect the privacy right of its employees, including keeping the personal file of the employees as confidential.
-   Comply with the law and bylaws involved with the employees strictly.
-    Arrange the good working environment and safety to life and property of its employees.
- Treat its employees with politeness and respect the individualism and human dignity.
- Appoint and transfer, including giving a reward and punishment with fairness, considering knowledge, ability and suitability of the employees as criteria.
- Give priority to development of potential of its employees by giving opportunity widely and regularly
-   Avoid any unfair action, which may have impact on security on the job of its employees or threat and pressure on their mental conditions
-  Give its employees the right to file a complaint, in case of bad treatment according to the specified system and process.
- Listen to the opinions and recommendations of its employees atall levels with equity and equalitarianism.
• Society and Community
-  Implement the activities to contribute to creativity and social development and community with regularity, so the society and the community where the Company located has better life quality.
- Take responsibility and adherence to conservation of the environment, including the local traditions, customs and cultures, where the Company is located.
- Respond quickly and efficiently towards the incident with impact on the environment, society and community due to the operation of the Company.
-  Build consciousness among the employees on the responsibility towards the society, community and the environment.
-  Perform and cooperate or control to have strict compliance with the intention of the law and regulations issued by the public sector.
•  Public Sector
The Company has implemented the business to develop the progress of the country by adhering to the law, rules, regulations and relevant bylaws in compliance with the general traditions and cultures.
-  Deliver the relevant reports related to the government as prescribed by law.
-  Cooperate in organizing activities with the public sector.
-  Cooperate in compliance with the prescribed law.
•  Customers
The Company is aware of satisfaction of the customers as priority. It presents its services in terms of honesty and straightforwardness. It shall produce quality goods with development of the product continuously so the customers can receive maximum satisfaction by designating the practical guidelines as follows:
-  Deliver the good and provide the service with quality, rapid and corresponded to the demand of the customers at the fair price.
-  Hold on to honesty and impartiality towards the customers.
- Give information and news that is complete, correct and fair, not to distort facts on the customers.
- Provide the system on receiving a complaint and recommendation from the customers related to the quality of the goods with explanation on the correct information to the customers.
-  Keep the secret of the customers and may not use it for self-interest or the involved people without justification.
•  Suppliers and Trade Partners
The Company has a policy to build good business relations with the suppliers and trade partners by doing business on the basis of mutual support that is fair to both parties. Treatment of the suppliers and trade partners with equalitarianism, considering the maximum benefit of the Company, and it shall avoid the situation that may cause a conflict of interest, including compliance with the contractual burden strictly.
- Cooperate in exchanging the information that is beneficial in doing joint business.
- Hold onto integrity, honesty and impartiality.
-  Listen to the opinions and recommendations with correct explanations to the customers. 
1.8 The Company has the channel process in communicating between the organization and the vested interests to listen to the opinions and apply the information to supplement the resolution of the occurred problems.
1.9  The Company has encouraged participation of its employees at all levels in doing the activity on responsibility towards the society with efficiency.
1.10 The Company has appointed the personnel with the power/duty on decision-making on various sectors of the organization, so as to create balanced responsibility.
1.11 The Company has a follow-up on the operations, decision-making of the assigned personnel to make a decision on multiple sections of the organization to make sure that such the personnel have the efficient decision-making.
1.12 The Company has a review and evaluation the results on the organizational supervision leading to process improvement with efficiency.
2.  Human Lights 
The world's society is governed by virtue of the law or legal state (Rechtsstaat). In the area that the Company has come to operation would have a different tradition and custom, but we can live together by adhering to the principle of universal human rights, which the Company has designated the guidelines as follows:
2.1 Provide inspection and evaluation of the status of the organization on the human rights covering all processes, designating the guidelines on the operations, evaluation on the impact, designating practical guidelines and follow-up.
2.2   Consider and implement in the situation where there is a risk on human rights such as a political conflict, poverty situation, the activities involved with children, organizational corruption, unfair labor practice and security service of the area and property strictly.
2.3    Avoid participating in the violation of the human rights directly and indirectly.
2.4 Designating the procedure on solving the problems from demanding fairness within the organization and the stakeholders.
2.5 Do not discriminate against all people groups especially the groups that require special care such as the children, women, the elderly and the disable directly and indirectly.
2.6    Respect the right to privacy and the citizenship and politics of the stakeholders.
2.7   Respect the rights on economics, society and culture towards the stakeholders.
2.8  Respect the basic rights on working and may be implemented according to the prescribed law.
3. Labor Practice
The personnel is considered as the important mechanism in doing business of the organization, so the Company has given priority to all of its employees, regardless of what part and section without prejudice. It encourages the personnel to have love, unity and mutual trust without fragmentation and treat each other with courtesy. We shall respect in the human dignity, and the Company has arranged the good environment and safety in working and pays the compensation with suitability and good fringe benefits are no less than that prescribed by the law. The designation to procure new innovations and technologies to support the working of all the employees in the organization with the labor practice as follows:
3.1 The Company aims to build good relations in hiring legally. There is planning of the manpower to avoid occasional hiring. It supports its employees to have participation in the activities of the Company, and opens an opportunity for the representatives of the employees to participate in solving the problem. The Company has a policy of no discrimination, management of the personnel under the legal framework and the bylaws on working. No lay-off, termination or dismissal without guidelines. It takes care and protects private information and privacy of its employees. It treats all groups of employees and all levels with equality, and may not do anything to take advantage of the business partner who is a supplier and employer on labor.
3.2  Arrangements of the hiring condition as prescribed by law covering the wages, working time, holidays, working safety. It focuses on suitability and balance between working and livelihood of its employees when compared with other industries with similar characteristics in the locality.
3.3   The Company supports and provides convenience in setting up or grouping in the labor negotiations to maintain the benefits of its employees such as the committee of employee representatives, which it performs the duty as the representative of the employees. They shall attend jointly with the management to make a consultation and bring the various problems from the operations to jointly consider solving it. However, the performance of duty by all the committees, the Company shall not use it as an excuse for a layoff, dismissal or discrimination absolutely, but it shall not join any group whatsoever both in the public and private sectors in support or persuasion for limiting universal freedom in the association and negotiations.
3.4     The Company gives priority on taking care of the health and safety on working of its employees, so it has prepared the handbook and setting the policy on safety, vocational health and working environment. It has an analysis and assessment of the job risk, training and communication so the employees can apply correctly and safely. It shall provide the annual health examination on the job with a risk is paid for by the Company. The Company respectsthe right of its employees to realize the correct information related to the risky job, and they can work safely by providing personal protective gear (PPE) according to the job characteristics.
3.5   The Company has given priority on personnel development, so it has prepared the annual training plan covering all groups and levels to increase the knowledge and ability to its employees. It is for sure that the new employees may be trained and given sufficient advice for performing the duty. It includes making the activity plan so the management and the employees have joint activity. Moreover, the Company has established guidelines on professional advancement for its employees to with equity without discrimination.
4. The Environment
The Company is aware of the importance on energy conservation and the management of the environment by determining to create conscience on such the matter to its employees, so it has set the practical guidelines as follows:
4.1 Prevention of Pollution
- There is an indication issue and impact on the environment from the operation of the organization.
-  It has inspection and recording on the issue of the important environmental issue and there is preparation on the report of the pollution volume and the method of treatment to the governmental agency as prescribed by the law.
- It has prevention of pollution and management of waste with suitability as prescribed by law.
-It has opened a channel for the community to realize the information on the management of the environment of the plant via the bulletin board in the community.
- It has a development and promotion to use the products and services that are friendly to the environment.
-  It does not use the banned chemicals and avoid the use of prohibited chemicals according to the international convention.
4.2 Sustainable Resource Use
-  The Company has an identification, inspection, recording and report on the use of electricity, water and other significant resources.
-  The Company has implemented measures on the use of water and electricity resources with efficiency.
-  The Company has recycled itsraw materials.
- The Company has the management on using water resource to make sure that the water users from the same source can access it equally.
-  The Company is aware of creating conscience for its personnel to use the resources with sustainability.
4.3Mitigation and Adjustment towards the Change of the Climate
-  The Company shall promote using the energy-saving products, development of the products and the service job that uses the energy with efficiency.
4.4 Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Natural Habitat
-  The Company has identification of severe impact that may happen to the ecological system and biodiversity and setting up the measures to reduce or eliminate these impacts.
-  The Company has implemented on protection of the ecological system and accepted the burden on the environmental expense.
-  The Company has avoided causing ecological loss and prepared the activity on rehabilitation of the ecology.
-  The Company has implemented on planning, design and implementation arises from the decision to use the land of the organization with minimum impact on the environment.
- The Company has encouraged purchasing and hiring from the supplier with development, improvement and process and technology that maintain biodiversity.
5. Fair Operating Practice
The Company adheres to the business operations on the ethical principle shall work with the group of all the stakeholders such as the public sector, trade partners, suppliers, trade competitors, various associations that the organization is a member and other groups with fairness. It covers the anti- corruption, participation in responsibility for the public in the wide circle, the behavior with social responsibility, relations with other organizations and respect to the right in property to promote the positive results, which can be achieved by the organization leaders. It also includes taking responsibility throughout the scope of influence of the organization with the guidelines on the practice as follows:
5.1 Anti-Corruption
For the prevention of the corruption and bribery the Company has designated guidelines on promotion and operation on anti-corruption by providing knowledge, creation of realization, training and encouraging the relevant parties of all sides to bring the anti-corruption practice into use, or report to the competent officials to apply the law upon encountering the corruption inside the organization. In addition, it encourages its employees, trade partners, organizational representatives, suppliers, etc. to report an operation that is consistent with the guidelines on anti-corruption of the organization.
5.2 Responsible Political Involvement
The Company shall not bring its capital or resource to support politics, politician and political party except in the case the law allows, but it shall be made with transparency. It shall designate the policy, guidelines to educate and create realization to the employees suitably, and avoid helping the unsuitable politics and give true information withoutintimidation or coerce involving politics.
5.3 Fair Competition
As for promotion of fair competition, the Company shall do business to be consistent with the law and regulations on fair trade by designating the practical rule and other prevention guidelines. It encourages its employees to have realization, promotion of anti-monopoly and market dumping and not using the social issues such as poverty to create a trade competition advantage.
5.4  The Company shall promote social responsibility to the units in valuable chain of the organization by promoting other organizations to bring the principle and issue on social responsibility to an applied use.
5.5The Company encourages the respect of intellectual property and local wisdom by designating the guidelines on inspection of legal use. It does not participate in the activity that violates the right to the property, piracy and violation of copyright, and there is compensation for the copyright received or used correctly and suitably.
6. Consumer Issue
The Company considers the consumer satisfaction by giving knowledge, correct information, justification, transparent and fair marketing, as well as the fair contract performance to the consumers and other customers based on,
6.1     Fair marketing, true information, no deviation and justified application of the contract without doing anything unclear, vague, concealed and deceitful information and misunderstanding.
6.2 Considering the health and safety of the consumers as priority, including caring for the groups that need special care, preparation of the products and services in the condition that is safe to health, property and the environment of the consumers under the normal use conditions.
6.3 It supports creation of sustainable consumption, as it shall present the products and services that are beneficial to the adjustment of the format on consumption and a necessary change to reduce the impact on the society and the environment.
6.4     The Company shall review the complaint and improvement of the guidelines in response to a complaint.
6.5 The Company has designated guidelines to protect personal information and prevention of violation of privacy rights of the consumers.
6.6The Company has prepared a machine maintenance plan with continuous improvement to help preventing from service interruption.
6.7The Company considers providing knowledge and realization to the consumers on the matter related to activity of the products and services.
7. Community Involvement and Development
The Company is part of the society and cannot be separated from each other. It has the burden to be responsible for development and return the profit to the community and society overall. So the Company can grow with sustainability along the social development, it considers as the duty and main policy to give priority to the activities of the community and society. It focuses on social development, community, the environment, religious patronage, creation and conservation of natural resources, including support on education to youth. It also supports the public activities with benefit to the deprived community to become a strong community that can be self-reliant with the following guidelines.
- It has prepared the plan/project community development with the representative of the organization and the community jointly implemented. It has followed up on the evaluation with such the plan must respect the rights and opinions of the community with maintenance of the community benefits.
- Encouragement and support of the education to the people of all levels in the locality and the groups that requires special care, participation in the cultural and traditional activities. It also helps to disseminate the knowledge on the human rights to the community and help on conservation of the cultural heritage and promotion of using local wisdom or community technologies.
- Promotion and support on creating employment in the community.
- Promotion and support on technological development with the low cost that can be easily made and help to generate income for the community, which is the development of the knowledge and community wisdom.
- Promotion of ability to the local suppliers and give special interest to the deprived group in the community, including promotion on using the local resources with efficiency.
- Reaching understanding with the community on the production process of the Company to eliminate a negative impact on health with giving knowledge to the community on the dangerous disease and health threat, including the method of preventing various diseases.
- Avoiding an operation that makes the community has to depend on the activity of donation from the organization, which all the activities made jointly with the community have to be evaluated the operation to indicate the thing to be developed/improved with sustainability. It may seek cooperation with other organizations to increase strength of the community in exchange for the knowledge, skills and resources.
Management of Risk in the Business Operations
Management of risk is part of the management of the organization. It must have an evaluation of the risk as a process, so as to have coincided understanding that the organization has risks from what. For instance, from the fluctuations on economics, society, operation and the environment, after bringing the results from the evaluation to be analyzed by using the risk map and control map as the tool. After finishing the analysis it has to find measures to manage such these risks to be at the acceptable level. It chooses to use the suitable tactics such as avoidance, reduction, transfer and acceptance.
The Company has realized of the importance of risk management under various uncertainty by considering the risk management is a key ingredient of all processes in the doing business that has a connection at all levels. So it has designated as a policy on managing the enterprise risk management that all the employees have to comply with, and there is an appointment of an enterprise risk management committee (ERMC) to perform the duty in setting the policy, framework of risk management, supervision and support to implement the organization risk management to be consistent with the business strategy and target. The evaluation of the enterprise risk management is considered as one in the main factors to designate a strategy and business plan in each year. It has a follow-up and control of the risk regularly to comply with the direction and policy approved by the board of directors of the Company consists of the following main procedures as follows:
- Identification of the risk is a procedure on identifying the risks and the relevant factors, which may be changed in each period, including having a new risk expectation with a chance to happen in the future from the basis of the inside and outside data.
- Evaluation of the risk is the procedure to bring the various methods that are suitable to be used in the evaluation of the risks, while such the process puts emphasis on participation of the management. It is to generate efficiency and covering all the possible risks, but the entire risks and their management may be approved by the Company's board of directors.
- Follow-up and control of the risk is the procedure with a follow-up and control of the operations as approved by its board of directors regularly in all quarters. If there is a new risk that is unexpected, it may be necessary to review the risk management again entirely, or else the risk takes place may have a trend to affect the business operation severely and may have to review the entire new business plan with the presentation to the board of directors for approval.
The Company wishes very much that this Code of Conduct can help the management, its employees and the relevant persons can perform the job suitably according to the intention, policy, principle and expectations of the organization. Thus, each time when there is a development for improvement of the system in the organization the Company shall develop and improve this "Code of Conduct" for perfection all the time.

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